Sunday, May 8, 2016

Real Madrid 3-2 Valencia CF

OK lets get straight to the point here. We were totally robbed in this game by corrupt or just plain pathetic officials. It happens so many times and fortunately it was not an important game for us but It could have an effect on the winners of La  Liga this season. OK that is the down side of today but the plus is that we played an amazing game against one of the strongest and richest teams in the world.

No major surprises with Abdennour slotting back in the defense in place of the unfortunate Santos, one of the few pluses after the previous game, and Perez back in defensive midfield. The news is going to be all about the title race and our performance will soon be forgotten apart from the Valencia fans. However we started really well and were very compact. Of course RM were making chances, That is to be expected but we were looking comfortable but for long periods passing the ball with confidence. Cancello had a great chance but chipped over with the goal gaping . This all changed after 26 minutes however when Ronaldo picked up the ball in front of goal before sidestepping Abdennour to beat Alves at the far post with a low drive. No complaints so far as it was a well taken goal from a top player. Just before the break it all changed and the officials started to get in on the action. A ball played across goal  finds Benzema a metre offside and in front of the ball fumbled His shot was pushed out by Alves but Cancello played it back into the danger zone whilst making a tackle. The ball went straight back to Benzema who couldn't believe his luck to slide it home. The problem was he should have been flagged offside on the first attempt and the goal should not have. stood Abdennour was injured in the melee and would be replaced at the break.

So down to 2.0 RM They will now surely go on and get some more goals to humiliate us. Something must have seen said at half time or was it the changes. Abdennour off injured replaced by Mina and Gomez on for Cancello who was having an awful time today. It was a brave attacking line up and Changes seem to take the RM by surprise as all of a sudden the game was open again. Valencia Were enjoying loads of possession, as they had done in the first period, and the chances were coming. Alcacer had a great chance from close in a cross from Mina. Gomes with should have done better but fired over an almost open goal. Mustaffi clipped a post with a low shot and Parejo hit the bar from a free kick. We were having more chances than than the last three or four games combined. 

Rodrigo got us back in the game after another great run from Mina to the ball was cleared just outside the area for Rodrigo to blast it home. Unfortunately pushing forward with us it left a huge gap in defense That was reliable to exploit Ronaldo when he outrun  Barragan esily to beat Alves with a powerful shot. There was more to come when Gomes had a shot from ouside the area after a corner to blast the ball home to make it short 3.2. The game had an exciting edge and looked to be going either way with many chances until! This is where the ref wanted to make a name for himself. For some inexplicable  reason he shows Rodrigo a red card. As there was no tackle or contact we have to assume it was something he said. Come on referee this is a decider in the La Liga title race and you have sent off a player with a straight red for saying something out of place. How many players have had a red card this season for swearing or being offensive. This is a good time to stamp your authority as if it was not enough to deny us a perfectly legal goal you have to hand the game to Real Madrid just when it was looking like Valencia would get back in the game.

Player Ratings

Alves 6-0 Made some good stops and not really at fault for the goals
Siquiera 6.0 Had a good game and got forward to support well
Mustafi 6.5 Had his usual game winning the ball  dependent in the air, on the ground and passing out well  
Abdennour 6.0 Could not be blamed for the Ronaldo goal as I think any defender would have struggled to stop him.
Barragan 5.5 Still not convinced and I feel he will have to be replaced in the summer
Fuego 5.5 Worked hard in the middle but maybe his past better days and needs replacing.  
7.0 The good Parejo was on show again today with his passing and ball winning
Perez 7.0  worked really hard for the team, lets hope he stays fit next season
 Cancello 5.0 A game to forget and was replaced at half time. Should have scored and was partly at fault for the offside goal
Rodrigo 6.5  A great goal and a great game, really improving with his confidence now
Alcacer 6.0  Unlucky with his close in effort that was well saved but no goals to show.

Subs  Gomes 6.5  Great goal and great game. Needs to stay with us
          Mina    6.5  A good performance again
          Patti   No time.

Pako  7.0  Has to stay now I would suggest