Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pako Given 2 Year Contract

Pako Ayestaran is named as the ´new´ coach.  It was announced officially today that Pako will continue as coach for the following 2 years.  It has not come as too much of a surprise I suggest as he seemed to have been the favourite despite other names coming forward.  Some will be bitterly disappointed that we were not able to, or unwilling to, secure a bigger name, especially as a recent poll showed that 83% of supporters were against his appointment.

His two bad defeats at the end of the season to Villareal and Real Sociedad do not seem to have gone against him too much. However the results and performances against Real Madrid and Barcelona may have helped his cause somewhat.

It is certain that his appointment is going to split opinion amongst the supporters with many saying it is a good appointment and others hating it and being very disappointed that a bigger name was not secured.

I guess it is wait and see time now and my opinion is, that we do not know who else was approached and whether or not that even wanted to come here now with the fact that we are not in Europe and there are limited funds available due to the constraints of the fair play rules.  Therefore before we all start shouting that we will never support the team again we should just think in the bigger picture.

One positive is, that he knows the players now and hopefully he knows who we need to sell. A new face would have come in and taken a while to get to know we have players that need to be moved on.
 He has already, apparently stated how unfit the players were and will be making sure they will be well prepared for next season.  I just hope we can all get behind him and hope that he can put us back in the top four where we all feel we belong.

I am sure that if a list of alternative coaches was put forward the consensus would be greatly divided amongst the fans.
Pelegrini.  With all the money he was provided, in the final year the team looked aimless at times and failed to impress. Despite that he will have better offers than from us with more money, especially in the Premier Division.
Benitez.   Wants to stay in UK as he has a home there and will stay with Newcastle United.
Paco Jemez  Has managed to take his team Rayo in the second division.
Sanchez Flores  Lots of criticism from supporters in his final months at Watford for losing the dressing room and results faltered.

I am sure there are others I have not mentioned, but as I have said,  Just because we might want them to come doesn´t necessarily mean that they want to come here.