Sunday, April 10, 2016

Valencia CF 2-1 Sevilla

Well first I have to mention the people on the previous blog report who were wishing  our Valencia to go down to the Segunda Division.  I can only say to you that you are not true supporters of this club and although I always respect other opinions you have spoken utter crap and I do not care how long you purport to have been supporting this club.

I have just returned home from the game and it was the most exciting game I have seen for a long time. We could and should have won by three or four goals like we have said on here many times in the past.  3 points has not saved us from relegation but they are the most welcome 3 points ever.  Not only that but the way we played all through the game was amazing in my opinion.

Valencia took control right from the start and chance after chance fell our way with Santi Mina and Siquiera causing all sorts of problems for the Sevilla defenders. Valencia were winning everything in the midfield and the big crowd were being treated to some of the football that we have been craving for so long now.

With a back four of Siquiera Mustafi Abdennour and Barragan. Midfield Fuego Parejo Gomes.  Rodrigo and Mina playing wide and Alcacer striker.  The first chance came to Alcacer after a great long ball from Rodrigo and  a mistake in the Sevilla defence but with no other option he shot and forced a corner from the goalkeeper.

The crowd were giving ex Valencia players, Rami and Banega booing every time they touched the ball which was fair and well deserved.  Then Rodrigo was put through but his ball to Parejo was a little too hard and the keeper made a save.  In the 41st minute the game changed when Parejo scored from a long range free kick which gave the keeper no chance.  Then Mina had a great opportunity to make it two when, after dribbling his way into the box he unleashed a shot which came off the bottom of the post and rolling invitingly across the goal. Rodrigo cleverly turned it back for Parejo to fire in a great shot which was well saved. The team went in a goal in front and it was no more than we deserved after totally dominating the first half.

In the second half we were a little fortunate when Mustafi looked to have wrestled Llorente to the ground but the ref waved play on. However, in the 86th minute the impossible happened. Gamiero was given half a chance and his powerful shot seemed to elude Alves in goal to make the scores level. The crowd was stunned. Alves had  had nothing to do all afternoon and this happens, just unbelievable the Sevilla jinx has struck again.

Perez had meanwhile replaced Rodrigo who received a big applause when leaving the field for his hard work. Feghouli came on for Santi Mina and received a very poor reception from a large section of the crowd.

The referee signaled 3 minutes added time and my thoughts were that this is Sevilla, they will now go and score another goal with their second shot to take the points from us and send us down. However, Negredo came on 4 minutes from the end and a mix up in the Sevilla goal allowed the ball to be slid through to Negredo to poke home.  The stadium erupted and I have to say I shed a tear, it was unbelievable. The impossible had happened and we had secured the points. Who in their right mind would have wanted us demoted and taken away moments like this. We not only beat Sevilla we totally outplayed them for the majority of the match. Playing like this is long overdue but in this form who is to say we cannot do the same next week at Barcelona after a weeks rest.

Player Ratings
Alves  6  Difficult to fairly judge as he had not much to do but maybe could have blocked the shot. Would Jaume or Ryan blocked it ? possibly.
Barragan 6.5  Often at the centre of my criticism but today he showed what he can do when he puts his mind to it. I thought he was tremendous today.
Abdennour 7  If I was going to put a name on my Valencia shirt it would be his. Did not put a foot wrong today and in my opinion is a really class player, especially when teamed up with Mustafi.
Mustafi 6.5  A rock today in defence apart from nearly conceding the penalty. The partnership with Abdennour needs to be retained this season for as long as possible.
Siquiera 7  Really good game today and is going to make it hard for Gaya to come back in the team in my opinion. He offers so much more in the attack than Gaya and always looking to get in shots. We must keep him for sure.
Fuego 6.0  a bit of a disappointment for me today. too many bad balls given away. I think we have seen the best of Javi in the past but I hope he can pick up. I see Perez keeping him limited to games when he isn't injured or serving bans.
Parejo 7.5  Gets so much criticism but today was the difference between the two teams. his passing and control was all that you would want from your midfield players. We need to see this more often and the goal was a typical Parejo free kick.
Gomes 6.5  So full of running and amazing ball control. His weakness to me though is how many of his final balls go astray.
Rodrigo 7  This is the Rodrigo we paid all that money for, worked so hard and caused them so many problems but just needs that final touch to make him a great player.
Mina. 7.0  So full of confidence for his age, he caused havoc every time he attacked the Sevilla defence, how we didn't score more goals is a mystery.
Alcacer. 6.5  Always works hard for the team but left a little isolated at times but never gives less than 100%.

Subs Feghouli for Mina
Perez for Rodrigo
Negredo for Alcacer
Not enough time really to be fair to the players coming on.

Manager  Pako Ayestaran 8   I criticized him last week but boy how he got it right this time. In my humble opinion.

Parejo  41 mins
Gamiero  86 mins
Negredo  92 mins