Saturday, April 2, 2016

To the players - You suck!

I can't stand this anymore, I can't stand to watch this team, its an exercise in torture trying to watch this team play right now.

There is ZERO passion in you, zero motivation, zero effort, it feels like you arrived for a soft ballet session the way you play on the field.

Honor your contracts if anything, you are all getting paid millions of euros, honor the contracts that you signed and are failing to fulfill. I mean seriously guys, I've watched and followed Valencia CF for over 15 years and I don't remember a spell worse than this and players looking and playing so disinterested.

I'd remove them all from the field and field a mix of the B team and the younger players. If they can't play right why play them over and over again? Field a younger and more enthusiastic squad, we have few decent B team midfielders and just give them a chance.

Get rid of Mustafi in defense, he's been the only constant in defense and we've failed every time, its time for a new partnership, I'd give Santos and Vezo the nod in central defense, bring in Villalba from the B team and field him, build a new look team that puts the "veterans" to shame.