Saturday, April 2, 2016

Las Palmas 2 - 1 Valencia --La Liga

Just at a time when we were looking forward to a new era with the new man in charge,  players returned from international games and recovering from injuries we get this.  I am trying to think of the right words to describe the performance I have just witnessed but these are first first that come to mind, disgraceful. pathetic, embarrassing, scandalous,   I am sure you will add a few more.

The start could not have been better.  The worst goalkeeper by a mile in La Liga rolls the ball to a defender and Rodrigo sticks out a toe to intercept before tapping home.  This is minute 2,  now all we need to do is add to it.  But this is Valencia and that is not how it works for us.

Even after the gift start we make hard work of everything.  Paco Alcacer has numerous chances put through on his own with a clear chance of a goal but he keeps getting pulled up for offside.  Some of the decisions looked a bit suspect to say the least, however a quicker ball or more aware Paco may have reapped better rewards.

When I looked at the team and saw Piatti playing instead of Gomes and Barragan playing I just knew it was going to end in tears. Some of the players out there today, Piatti, Barragan were an absolute disgrace to the team and they were not the only ones.  As I mentioned the worst keeper in the league and he was hardly troubled by the ineptness of the pathetic excuse for footballers wearing white shirts.  Only Piatti, from my memory gave him anything to do when he turned away a long shot which deserved a goal.

It all started to go wrong in the 50th minute when Vierra was pulled back in the area by Javi Fuego and the ref had no hesitation in pointing to the spot.   How Fuego didn't get sent off having already been cautioned we will never know. Alves with his skill at saving penalties was unlucky when he got a foot to the poor shot but only saw it fly into the top of the net to make the scores even.

Las Palmas now saw their opportunity and pressed forward causing  all sorts of panic in the Valencia defence.  However it was another bizarre goal that put them in front.  A wild clearance by Santos cannoned off the back of Mustafi putting the home team in front.  It was a lucky goal but we cannot keep on saying how unfortunate we are. They deserved it for their more forceful football and eagerness to win the loose balls.

Valencia were struggling to put passes together and looked like a team who had given up.  Las Palmas could and should have made it even worse for Valencia but with Alves coming to the rescue, poor luck and poor play the score remained the same.

On 62 mins Feghouli replaced Danilo and soon after Gomes came on for Rodrigo.  It made no difference as we never really looked like we have any belief in scoring another goal.  Then Paco was inexplicably removed for Negredo, Paco being the only one looking likely to score.

The score remained the same and Valencia are now staring the drop in the face.  It is going to require a big change of attitude and a bit of luck now to keep us up and this was a must win but the chance has gone.

Player Ratings
Alves 6.0  Saved the day on a number of occasions and was unlucky with the penalty one of the few who can hold his head up tonight
Barragan 1  Looked like a man who didn't give a toss about his club. The sooner he is out of here the better. How was he picked today, we all know how useless he is.
Santos 3.5  Unlucky with the clearance that caused the goal. Under a lot of pressure but battled better than some.
Mustafi 4.5  Another who can hold his head up for his commitment to the club. Why is he not the captain I do not know. He is the leader.
Siquiera  4.0   Had a reasonable game compared with some of his team mates.
Fuego 3.5   Too many missed placed passes and lucky to stay on after his foul for the penalty
Danilo 3.5  Did not do enough in my opinion but I could be wrong as I cannot remember what he did today.
Parejo 4.0  Did OK today but that is not enough in these circumstances, put in some telling passes but not at his best and that reflects on the team.
Piatti 1  A total waste of space again today, what is he doing to justify being chosen. One really good shot and that is a it. He has been the same all season
Rodrigo 2.5   Did well to win the early goal and did plenty of running but looks not good enough for this team.
Alcacer 5  Unlucky  really but has to be more aware of getting caught offside so often. Had he been onside would have won the game for us for sure. Always full of running and effort.

Manager Pako Ayesteran  2    A disasterous start for his first game and why play Piatti, why play Barragan, why take off Alcacer. He says he is proud of the team and that they showed character. I can only assume he was watching another game.  Things can only get better.

Yellow cards for  Piatti, Fuego, Mustafi and Barragan.