Monday, March 28, 2016

Peter Lim sign Manuel Pellegrini

Peter Lim you have a historic chance here to sign Manuel Pellegrini, the kind of coach Valencia CF has always needed and wanted, but its been unable to do so because of monetary reasons. Now we have the chance, you brought in the capital and you could invest a little bit more money into a top quality manager.

One top coach is worth more than 5 top players, players without a good coach are just single individuals, they could contribute the most, but still not enough if the team is not playing as a team. Manuel Pellegrini is a proven coach, he knows fluent Spanish, he's lived in Valencia in the past, its where his family is, so he would want to come back to Valencia, its your job to make sure he works for Valencia CF as well.

I know there are other coaches being mentioned around and some are decent coaches that I think have potential, but none of them are proven on the level of Pellegrini, he's also shown he's great with younger players and has always given them plenty of chances, at Malaga he groomed several young players, including our own Isco which the team made the mistake of not tying him up with a good and long term contract.

Pellegrini is also a team builder, most of his teams have been the sort of mid table clubs that he's build up from the ground, he lays strong foundations and builds upon them, while in Manchester City he has experience dealing with a lot of egos and superstars.

In the summer we are going to be letting go of quite a number of players, especially costly ones like Alvaro Negredo, Daniel Parejo, Pablo Piatti, Sofiane Feghouli, etc... so we can afford to hire a more expensive coach like Pellegrini and I'm sure that at his age he is not interested as much in salary as he is interested in being in a stable club and close to his family, which is Valencia. I'm sure he would take a little smaller salary to coach Valencia CF, rather than take a higher salary to coach some mid table English club, most top clubs in England already have managers and his choices are limited to mid table clubs.

You need to make this happen, you are the owner of the club and you need to order our sporting director to go after Pellegrini, period. We need have the full club trying to get Pellegrini and the sooner this decision is made the better. Creating a strategy, ironing out the details, having more time to convince him will be to our advantage.

This is the manager we need, this is the manager fans want and every single fan can get behind Pellegrini and support him long term. He is not even going to cost much in the long term, because his benefits will outweigh the costs and if he can get some of our young players to perform consistently week-in, week-out then we'd save money on reinforcements and expensive player purchases with expensive salaries, so in the long terms we are actually going to gain money from him, rather than lose.

And again he is a proven manager at the highest levels and all round, he has the experience for everything, he will be available in the summer and his agent has REPEATEDLY said he'd be interested in joining Valencia CF. DON'T SCREW THIS UP PETER LIM!!!!