Wednesday, March 30, 2016


It has been announced today that the Valencia interim manager has been sacked.   Not before time many will say and Pako Ayestaran is to take full control forthwith.

I think this decision was inevitable considering the situation we are in at the moment and even though we can all criticise Peter Lim for some of the decisions he has made since his take over at the club, he has to be applauded for this one.

He record shows him to have been one of the worst managers in the history going on results alone. However,  he was unfortunate to have taken over a ship that if not sinking, it was certainly taking on a lot of water.  His job was to bail us out but unfortunately he has sunk us even lower.
It is now up to Pako to get us the points as soon as possible to steer us away from the dreaded bottom three places. I think there will be fresh enthusiasm now in the team and the break to allow players to get back from injury will certainly help the cause.

I certainly feel a lot more confident now of our survival now that Pako has taken over.  It is now up to the players to give the extra effort that has been sorely missing to get us out of this mess.

Good luck Gary and now you can go back to Sky Sports and tell the viewers what managers should be doing to not lose games as you are now an expert with hands on experience.