Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Malaga vs Valencia CF Match Preview

Valencia CF enjoyed a nice 4-0 winning streak, but all that came to a crushing stop last week at the hands or should I say legs of Atletic Bilbao. Truth be told Valencia CF wasn't playing terrible and the score was 0-0 until the 70th minute, but few big mistakes from individual players and Atletic Bilbao would punish those.

I talked about how Atletic Bilbao would be a sort of mini test, a sort of reality check for Valencia CF after a decent run of results and it was a rude awakening. The team still has tons of issues, individual mistakes are plentiful and our defense has been pretty much garbage. At this point I'd drop Mustafi, I'm serious, I think he's had the most time in defense and hasn't done anything with it. He is also very young and unable to be a leader, I'd try out combinations between Vezo, Santos and Aymen in training and see what works best.

I think our biggest problem is that inexperience and lack of leadership in defense that Mustafi can't provide and without it I feel our defense is suffering. I also think Mustafi more than the others needs to be led in defense, last year that was Otamendi, but this year Aymen is a new player who doesn't know Spanish so he is unable to lead the back line and its been left for the inexperienced Mustafi to fill the void which he can't do.

Bench him right now Gary, you have to bench him and try out the rest of the players in defense. Further down the field we are continuously having problems with Enzo and injuries, this season he is a magnet for injuries and the coaching staff needs to work more closely with the doctors to make sure he has longer recovery time and very slowly bring him back to fitness. I think he is being rushed into play and ends up getting injured again.

Daniel Parejo doesn't seem to be able to learn from his mistakes, how many times can you give out the ball away and cause so much issues and not learn? I think Gary needs to dish out some berating towards him, he needs to get it stamped in his head that he can not play so nonchalant and make stupid passes like that. It cost us the match against Bilbao, its cost us other matches and it will cost us in the future if he keeps on doing the same thing.

Valencia CF Squad:
Goalkeepers: Diego, Ryan
Defenders: Cancelo, Barragan, Mustafi, Santos, Vezo, Siquiera, Gaya
Midfielders: Fuego, Danilo, Parejo, Gomes, Feghouli, Piatti, Cherushev
Forwards: Negredo, Paco Alcácer, Santi Mina, Moreno
Technical Details Valencia CF (probable setups):
Formation: 4-3-3
Line-up: Diego; Cancelo, Mustafi, Santos, Siquiera; Fuego, Parejo, Gomes; Feghouli, Paco, Cheryshev
Tactics: Medium defensive line, own half pressure, mixed passing, winged attacks, doubling down in attack