Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valencia CF vs FC Barcelona Match Preview

Valencia CF got severely destroyed last match against FC Barcelona in the Copa del Rey in what was supposed to be a turnaround match for the club and coach Gary Neville. Unfortunately for him and the team FC Barcelona ran roughshot over Valencia CF scoring 3 goals in the span of 15 minutes and then going on to beat them 7-0.

Its probably one of the biggest losses Valencia CF has endured in the past several decades, after that fiasco Gary Neville's head was wanted by fans and it seemed as Real Betis would be judgement day for the inexperienced coach with a loss to Betis guaranteeing Gary's sack. That match came, Valencia CF lost and Gary survived and got the complete support of Peter Lim.

Now this match won't really count for anything, Valencia CF are for all intense and purpose out of the copa and FC Barcelona might want to rest their key players and just field a team of their B team player and give them a chance, but a loss against a B team Barcelona might frustrate fans even more, so even though technically this is a worthless game for both teams, it can cement the bad feeling for Gary Neville as a coach if he loses yet another match.

Valencia CF is also without most of its first team players for tomorrow and Gary would rely on a lot of youth players from the B team to cover, good news is that Paco Alcacer and Enzo Perez are recovering and look to be ready for the match against Espanyol who lost 5-0 at home against Real Sociedad. Espanyol are also in a relegation battle with only 22 points, something Valencia CF is close to as well. Anything but a strong and comfortable victory against Espanyol would for me mark the end of Gary Neville.

Espanyol are a terrible team this season, they've lost most of their matches and barely have several victories, having trouble winning against them would mean Valencia's team this season is complete and utter garbage.

I've read that some of the players have bad feelings because of the fans and the sort of negativity that is going around, but they need to look in the mirror and shut the hell up. They are getting paid millions of euros, some of them have arrived for 20 or 30 million euros and their contribution this season has been to frustrate everyone with piss poor playing and results.

So they need to shut the hell up, stop feeling as special little princesses playing ballet, accept their responsibility for being GARBAGE this season, accept that they are worthless nobody's right now and work at 200% percent, break their bones if they must to try and reverse this situation and start freaking playing well again!

I know that few of the players actually read this blog, I hope they read this right now and share it with the rest of the team and learn to freaking take responsibility, stop being little special princesses and start fighting for the club, start working at 200% percent, start giving everything on the pitch, comprende?