Friday, February 5, 2016

So Where Do We Go From Here ???

I have been busy these last few days so no time to write up about  the debacle at the Nou Camp and was hoping somebody else might do it.

I think they are all feeling the same way as I, total shock at what was on offer Wednesday night. So why was it and how did it all come about ?

I have only seen the highlights and from my point of view there are a number of glaring problems with the way we are playing.

Why do we always give the opposition wide players so much space to receive the ball, bring it under control and then attack our defence or put in a cross ?

Why did we stand around like practice cones while Barcelona played the ball around us, through us and over us at will ?

Why didn't we give our players specific responsibilities to mark certain players and stay with them wherever they went.  It didn't seem as if we did that. We seemed to just stand around watching the game go by ?

Wan't enough importance put on this game as our league position is so dire and what about next Wednesday.  Do we go out with a weakened team as the game is of no consequence apart from our pride. Will it be 7.0 again if the play their first team ?

Why did players look totally lost and seemed to have no idea what they were supposed to be doing ?
I know that there is a language problem but other people are there to translate.

I don't profess to be and expert on match tactics by the way, this is just my humble opinion.

I was at the last league match against Sporting Gijon and in my personal opinion, despite the fact we were beaten I could definitely see many signs of improvement in the team apart from the glaring misses by Negredo.

When Nevillle was appointed he had backing from a large majority of the supporters in a poll. Now it is  90%  saying he should go.  The latest news is that Rafel Benitez may step in and take over. What do we think of that.  I think he should come, if not now, then next week.

Looking at the league standings, I cannot believe how low we are now. It seems only recently we were talking about an outside chance of Champions League. Now it will be a relegation fight, that is for sure.  We are now looking at the other results of Las Palmas and Levante instead of Sevilla and Villareal.

Sunday's game at relegation threatened Real Betis is a massive game for Neville but more important a massive game for Valencia CF and it's supporters and our future.