Sunday, February 7, 2016

News and promo codes

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With the results being terrible Gary Neville has been given an ultimatum, he needs to win today against Real Betis if he is to stay as the manager.

I don't think fans should blame Gary or the players, I think its the circumstances. Instead of strengthening and adding depth this season, Peter Lim's naivete brought more young and inexperienced players, so now we are suffering because we can't rely on a good mix of experience and youth and have to play with inexperienced and inconsistent young players.

To make matters worse the coach to replace Nuno was Gary who is extremely inexperienced, doesn't speak Spanish and is essentially his first coaching job. So you can't blame the players or the coach. I think Peter Lim is realizing that he can't run a football club like a family, so he's hired a sporting director and he is possibly looking of adding a club president as well. He is finally realizing he can't just appoint few of his friends and run the club successfully, it needs experienced and successful people.

There is speculation that Valencia CF are talking to Rafa Benitez and he would be a great appointment for us, but if we can get Pellegrini in the summer that would be even greater. Issue is if we get rid of Gary Neville now, we have to appoint either a good coach or rely on Voro to lead the team till the end of the season, which we know he is a good interim manager for a while, but can he lead the team for months?

Anyways the match today against Real Betis will tell us what happens next. I'm sure Peter Lim would want to keep Gary Neville regardless of results, but he risks losing support of the fans as an owner and that would be really bad for him.