Sunday, January 3, 2016

Valencia CF vs Real Madrid Match Preview

Valencia CF vs Real Madrid Match Preview
Stadium: Mestalla
Date: 03.01.2016 20:30 CET
18th matchday, La Liga
Coaches: Gary Neville and Rafael Benitzez

Its quite a hectic New Year in the Spanish championship, with games being played on the eve of new year's and now just 3 days later another set of matches, for Valencia CF its a really big and difficult  match as well against Real Madrid.

Gary Neville hasn't had the greatest start to his coaching career, he would have been really pleasantly surprised by the Barcleona result before he took over, but since he took over he's been unable to translate that kind of play and Valencia CF have lacked consistency. Of course you can't blame the coach, he's had several difficult matches and he's not had proper time to work with the group, but sooner rather than later he will have to get some results, else he could be under significant pressure from the fans and media.

Good news for Valencia CF in the new year is that Real Madrid have been really sloppy in their past several matches, I've watched them at the beginning of the season and have caught two relatively newer matches of them and I haven't been impressed as I was in the beginning of the season. In my opinion they were much stronger than Barcelona in the beginning of the season, but now their form has dipped and they've looked vulnerable. The biggest thing going for Real Madrid is of course the bought and paid referees, I've been talking about this for probably two years now directly that there is major corruption in Spanish football and its become so obvious its absurd. 
Everyone acts like there is nothing going on, but everyone knows it in their gut, in their mind, in their essence that there is major corruption. So that is the major thing that is going for them, historically Valencia CF have had terrible decisions against them all the time against Real Madrid AND Barcelona. Many people dismiss Barcelona as benefiting from referees, but that is just naive and silly, they benefit just as much as Real Madrid.
Good news is that Valencia CF seem to be improving, albeit very slightly, and every time the players come out to play they are a little bit better. What we need now is some consistency, we need good proper play all the time, against all opponents.

Valencia CF is still suffering from a series of major injuries to key players, as such Enzo Perez, Gaya, Mustafi, Feghouli, Bakali and others are still sidelined and can't help the team. Gary Neville has tried to cope with the injuries by changing the formation to 3-5-2 last match against Villarreal and the team looked okay, at least in the first half which I watched. Supposedly the second half was better than the first, though we still lost even with supposed better play.

Valencia CF Squad:
Goalkeepers: Doménech, Ryan
Defenders: Cancelo, Barragan, Santos, Vezo, Aymen, Orban
Midfielders: Fuego, Danilo, Parejo, Andre Gomes, Fran Villaba, Piatti, De Paul
Forwards: Negredo, Paco Alcácer, Santi Mina, Moreno

Technical Details Valencia CF (probable setups):
Formation: 3-5-2
Line-up: Jaume; Vezo, Santos, Aymen; Barragan, Cancelo, Fuego, Parejo, Gomes; Paco, Negredo.
Tactics: Medium defensive line, own half pressure, mixed passing, counter attacks, flood the midfield

Result Prediction:
Valencia CF 4-1 Real Madrid
If and this is a big if the referee isn't completely and absurdly pro Real Madrid as to give them insane benefits, then I feel like Valencia CF is going to win this match and win big time. We've been improving and Real Madrid have been regressing in the past several matches, so I expect us to play much better, while Real Madrid to play weaker and I expect a big win for Valencia CF over Real Madrid if the referee doesn't ruin things.