Sunday, January 10, 2016

Few key points from Real Sociedad match

Lucas Orban is not good enough for this team even as a reserve player and deputizing for Gaya. He almost cost us a goal here if it weren't for Jaume heroics. He is slow, cumbersome, heavy moving and lacks the technical skills needed for high level play. We should be looking to offload him, either in the winter or most certainly in the summer.

Aymen Abbdenous has been really terrible for us, he looks lost and without purpose in the team. Wthether its lack of communications due to the language barrier, maybe he is still not yet settled, some players do actually need a full year to settle well, the country, city, climate, club, language, team, gameplay, etc... so he might be one of those people that need long term stability overall in their life to perform good on the pitch.
Either way he's been disappointing to say the least for us and I think Gary should be playing Santos together with Mustafi.

Gary Neville rushed Mustafi too soon to action and it showed. He was lacking fitness, form and coordination against Real Sociedad and was nowhere to be found for both their goals. Won't say he was the primary cause for the goals, Orban did let many dangerous crosses from his side to fly to the penalty area and our midfield was getting dominated in the 2nd half, so we were under constant pressure, but still, his lack of playing time showed today. He should have been introduced slowly to playing, rather than thrown into action.

Daniel Parejo was terrible in the second half, didn't catch the first half and from the stats it seems as Valencia CF actually enjoyed a good first half, but after Enzo Perez was forced out due to injury, Parejo was nowhere to be found. Completely outplayed in midfield and his nonchalant passes cost us so much trouble. He was literally walking all of the second half, did not see him run even once. I mentioned in my match preview that he's played pretty much all of our matches this season and would be getting fatigued and I think it showed against Real Sociedad.
I think he needs to be rested more, sign a new player if you must in the winter transfer who can play at that playmaking position, we have major problems with injuries this season, especially in midfield with Enzo and Gomes getting injured all the time, so another proper backup would be nice, especially to rest Parejo.

There is still a ton of work for this team to perform better, I think Peter's Lim naivete in his buying decisions has cost us, sure we have a ton of talented young players for the future, but zero proven players for the present. So while our young talented players are "brewing" for the future, we are lacking results now. It would be mistake to overbuy in the winter anyways, it won't solve anything, but I think bringing in one proven and older player would be really good for the team. Some proven player at the highest levels who maybe doesn't have the age to compete for titles, but can offer a lot to a team like Valencia CF.