Friday, January 1, 2016


I have a prediction to make well before our game against Real Madrid begins.

I guess most or a lot of us will have seen over the last few days how Real Sociadad and Betis were robbed by disgusting referee decisions in favour of Real Madrid and Barcelona.  I will not call them mistakes because that is an insult to their ability to referee a football match.

Firstly there was Barcelona against Betis when the Betis keeper Antonio Adan came out to make a clearance by punching the ball away.  A type of save you see regularly in football most weeks. After the save Messi collided with him and at no time did the keeper make any type of foul on Messi. However, now it is the time for the referee to intervene and to everybody's amazement, including Messi and his team mates a penalty is awarded to Barcelona.  What a surprise !   a dubious penalty awarded to Barcelona.  It wasn't the winning goal of course because they then went on to get 3 more. However, what a sickener when you are playing against Barca to join the never ending list of teams to go down to a goal that wasn't.

Then we come to the 'mighty'  Real Madrid.  Firstly Benzema goes into the area shoulder to shoulder with a defender and falls to the ground. Maybe not quite obvious enough for him to be booked for diving, but needless to say the ref points to the spot and a penalty is awarded to Real Madrid. The kick is taken and missed.  Don't worry boys says the referee, and sure enough a short time later a defender goes to ground and saves a cross with his leg and the ball bounces up glancing his arm. Penalty says the referee and the ball is duly tucked away for a goal.

If this was just a one off we would just say that these things happen in football.  We know that some decisions you get and some you don't. I would like to know why it always fall in favour of  R.M. and Barca.

So this Sunday we have the dubious pleasure of inviting Real Madrid to the Mestalla.  This is a game we should all be looking forward to pitting ourselves against one of the best teams in La Liga.  Unfortunately, I and many others will be waiting to see how we will be cheated yet again out of the points like we did when we played Barcelona at home last month and the offside goal was given to Saurez.

Update.  OK apart from the offside goal by Bale I thought the referee had a pretty good game. He made a few mistakes but that is normal and at least they were mistakes against both teams.