Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Near Misses

Looking back over the season in the transfer market a lot has been said in past about players who we should have signed and some that we missed out on for one reason or another. Below are just a few who come to mind and I know there were many more.

Gianelli IMBULA grabbed by Porto from Marseille for 20 mill euros when we looked in a good position to sign him.
Now they are looking to get rid of him in the winter break because. ' He hasn't quite lived up to expectations' Which I think is a nice way of saying, He has been crap.
Maybe he would have done better here or maybe this was a lucky near miss by us.

Jackson MARTINEZ  another wonder boy who was talked about as a future Valencia star.  Has found the jump from Porto of Portugal to La Liga a mighty big step.  At a mere 35 million euros I think Athletico Madrid are thinking the money may have been spent better elsewhere. With only 2 goals in La Liga so far this season
how long will it be before they are offloading him.
Another near miss for us I think.

Ellaquim MANGALA  or the new Otamendi was supposed to come and fill the massive gap that Ota has left in our team. I think it was 30 mill they were wanting.
He has recently been described by Man City fans as follows:
"City should have let him go as part of the Otamendi deal"
"Just by the way he runs you can tell he is a rugby player and not a footballer".
"He simply has to go he is just not good enough."

 Javier HERNANDEZ  now this is a player who maybe we should have signed when we had the chance to.  From Man United to Bayer Leverkusen and has scored 11 goals in 14 games so far this season.
Would he have scored that number for us ?  We don't know and never will know now.

Hindsight is a great thing and of course we never know how these players would have performed for us.

Fans have been asked which position needs strengthening in the winter transfer if Mr Lim is to put his hand in his pocket or get out his credit card.  The consensus by the majority is that we only need to strengthen the attacking midfield area.  This is interesting to me because I think it may have been different a few months ago. ( Yes, and I didn't mean it would have been the manager area )

So what are your thoughts ?