Sunday, December 6, 2015

Resilient and Endured Valencia Hold Barca at the Mestalla.

Despite their seemingly vastly built ship, Barca was still in need to hire a Captain(Jaime Latre) to navigate their way out of the stormy situation inflicted on them at the Mestalla.
     When incident happened once, we may call it accidentally - but when it kept repeating itself, then it was no longer accidental but deliberate and with conscious intention.
     That was the story at the Mestalla last night. It was an apparent fact that Barcelona were favorite to win the match due to what could be termed an 'inconsistency' in the part of Valencia these days.
     Unfortunately enough for Valencia, despite being in a difficult time these days, they were forced to play against 12-men Barcelona with additional player only disguising as a referee. 
     The controversy ensued when Pique held and tangled with Perez very close to the spot and brought him down, but the referee said play-on. Though it was a penalty but fortunately enough for Barca as always when playing Valencia, the referee appeared uninterested. 
     It was more annoying that the visitors got all clearance from the referee to aggressively tackle Valencia players and went away with it without being booked. Valencia's keeper Jaume was elbowed in the air by Suarez and Messi's foul play earlier but both didn't saw them booked. 
     Despite all these discouragement and seemingly hard times unnecessarily inflicted on Valencia, Los Che managed to endured Barca's dangerous moves until 59 minutes when Suarez managed to scored for the visitors, thanks to an obvious blunder from the lineman and the referee. Because Suarez was clearly in offside position.
     For anyone who is conversant with Valencia's matches against either Barcelona or Real Madrid, knew that these kinds of repeated blunders occured in many occasions. It was not something new. Referees have been creating room for Valencia's defeat long ago.
     Yesterday night, luck did not hold for enemies of Valencia as their ill tactics yielded negative result. Thanks to Santi Mina's careful shot following Paco's nice chest control in the mid of two Barca defenders to dropped a well fitted pass to the running Mina who fired it into the net 4 minutes from time.
      3 minutes later, Danilo tried and fired a long range rocky which if not for Barca's keeper was standing in not-so-ruthless position, I would have been a different story.
       Excitingly, Gary Neville was sitting watching his new boys trying all their best to subdue Almighty Barca. That could at least introduced and paved way for the new manager of the great and marathon task ahead. Gary was very well known during his playing time as courageous, aggressive and confident icon. Similary, Valencia needs someone who will implant hope and courage to their playing style. So, Gary could be seen as a perfect match at the Mestalla thus far.