Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gary Neville New Manager

No this is not one of my little jokes, it is true. Gary Neville the brother of Phil ( Felipe ) will take over the manager job until next summer.  It was a surprise announcement and even Gary was surprised when it was announced to him while he was taking training at Salford City in Manchester today as seen by his reaction.

Of all the names being bandied about certainly this one was never mentioned and will come as a bit of a shock to many people. Being a non Spanish speaking English man he will presumably be expecting his players to begin to learn the language to enable him to communicate with them properly, he cannot rely on his brother for the translations every time.

Seriously though he is well thought of in England and is expected to one day become a top manager. I am not sure though that ' one day. is quite what we need right now. I think we need a now top manager. Is this Peter Lim getting revenge with the Nuno Out brigade ?

Gary made his name with Manchester United and England and has won just about everything in football, apart from the World Cup unfortunately.  He will take over on Sunday after the Barcelona game,  (wise move Gary)  when we may be in a situation when things can only get better.

Apologies to fans around the world reading this when they first wake up but it is true

So your views then !