Monday, November 30, 2015

Sevilla FC 1-0 Valencia CF Match Report

Valencia CF was unfortunately defeated 1-0 by Sevilla earlier tonight, forcing Valencia CF coach Nuno Santo to resign.

I was going to write that this match can't be blamed on the coach in any big way, since we were left with only 10 players in the pitch early on in the first half, but even before the expulsion of Joao Cancelo the team was struggling to cope with Sevilla's attacks and midfield dominance, basically putting so much pressure on Valencia's defense!

As I said the match was pretty much decided when Joao Cancelo was shown his second yellow card following a careless high hand by Joao hitting the opponent in the face. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, but it was really careless and naive from him and he got punished.

After that it was all Sevilla FC, they kept on attacking and attacking with Valencia CF being unable to do anything about it and unable to even string couple of passes together. Even before the expulsion Valencia CF was playing pretty bad, even though Nuno decided to start with 4 midfielders we still couldn't control the midfield and were still on the back foot trying to defend against a very organized and aggressive Sevilla.

The first half fortunately finished 0-0 and there was a slight glimmer of optimism that we could end up drawing against them, but that was shattered early in the second half as Sergio Escudero latched to a piercing cross by Ever Banega and his show beat the goalkeeper as it went high into the corner of the net.

Even though Sevilla didn't have too much chances after that, well apart from one very dangerous header by Llorente, and few weaker opportunities, it didn't matter as Valencia CF seemed out of sorts and never looked like scoring a goal, we didn't have any counter attacking, we didn't have any midfield control, we didn't have anything.

Ultimately the match ended in a disapointing loss for Valencia CF, leaving the team in the middle of the table 14 points behind the leaders Barcelona and 5 points behind 4th place Celta.

Sevilla: Sergio Rico, Mariano, Rami, Kolodziejczak, Escudero (Krohn Deli, m. 84), Krychowiak, N'Zonzi, Vitolo, Banega, Konoplyanka (Reyes, m. 85), Llorente (Inmobile, m. 68).
Valencia CF: Ryan, Joao Cancelo, Santos, Abdennour, Gayà, Javi Fuego, Danilo, Enzo Pérez (Feghouli, m. 62), Dani Parejo, Santi Mina (Ruben Vezo, m. 46), Paco Alcácer (Bakkali, m. 78).

Sergio Escudero 1-0, 50 min. Assist Ever Banega

Player Ratings:
Ryan 6 - Really hard to get get a hand to the ball for the goal, had two good saves after that to deny Sevilla more goals.
Joao Cancelo 3 - Naive yellow cards, especially for the second one. Let down the team.
Santos 6 - Was decent at the back, had few blocks and interceptions and generally solid positioning.
Aymen 5 - Was clumsy in some of the challenges and was beaten for speed on two occassions, clearly has a lot more to improve.
Gaya 6 - Was good defensively, intercepted few passes and was generally marking the opposition good, could hardly muster up anything going forward at no fault of his.
Fuego 5 - I think he was okay while he was on the field, didn't contribute in the midfield in any way, but helped out defensively and was a nuisance for Sevilla to deal with.
Danilo 4.5 - Mostly a passenger, had few defensive tackles, but other than that didn't contribute much at all. Another disappointing arrival for VCF.
Enzo 5 - Don't think it was a good performance, he's been really disappointing ever since he came to VCF and he still hasn't justified his massive price tag.
Parejo 5 - Similar performance to Enzo, that is to say quite bad overall. Got even worse after we went 1 man down.
Mina 4 - Isolated in the first half and just wasn't engaged in the play in any way, taken off in the second half for a defensive player.
Paco 4 - Alone and isolated at front, he didn't stand any chance to get anything going.
Vezo 4 - Came in to reinforce the defense, but Sevilla scores just 10 minutes into the second half, making this substitution useless.
Feghouli N/A - Seems to be Nuno's "get out of jail card", but it didn't work tonight, he tried his best but couldn't do anything.
Bakkali 4.5 - Definitely ran more than Paco, you got to admire his passion and determination, but all his running was for nothing.