Friday, October 23, 2015

Spanish match fixing unraveling

I've written about plenty of times here about the corruption that goes on in the Spanish league and the administration and referees, how could I not when Valencia CF have been robbed so many times. In fact even David Albelda had spoken publicly about calls being made against Valencia CF every time they've faced Real Madrid.

Now its all unraveling, but it pained in the media and football fans like Barcelona is the victim, but Barcelona and Real Madrid have both benefited from refereeing decisions, in fact I know for a fact that Real Madrid and Barcelona are equally involved in match fixing and influencing and/or buying referees.

But the latest news that is going around is just scratching the surface, if you go deep inside the rabbit hole you'll see corruption and match fixing beyond any simple refereeing calls, there are literal match fixes where team don't play to their fullest and play with worst tactics in order to purposefully lose to give Real Madrid and Barcelona easy wins.

Spanish football is about 5x times more corrupt than Italian football as the heights of the corruption and match fixing in Italy, Spanish football is systematically corrupt, run by corrupt and biased officials who are intentionally and willingly engaged in corruption.