Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mustafi tries to remove beer bottle, is stopped by club official

Shkodran Mustafi has a little incident if you can call it that with the club, he was in a press conference and there was a beer bottle in front of him, which he as a devout Muslim removed since he doesn't want to promote alcohol, but a club official rushed in and told him he can't do that as its part of the sponsorship deal. Ultimately the bottle was moved further away from him and the press conference continued.

For those wondering where I stand on this, I stand with the club. Any person beliefs are his own and he can practice as he liked in his own home and on a personal level not engage in certain things, but the club is a private institution and has to follow deals and contracts and the way it operates can't be subject to outside interfirence.

So in this case the club has the right to put those beer bottle anywhere they want as long as they do not ask Mustafi to engage in some sort of interaction or engagement with them or to promote them.

Anyways I wasn't able to find a stream until later on for the match so I missed it, I'll try to download the match and watch it so I can post a match report.