Wednesday, September 23, 2015

3 things we learned from last match

Valencia CF suffered its first defeat in La Liga this season and while that doesn't sound too bad, the fact that the team only has 1 win is really worrying.

1: The new arrivals don't really improve the squad. I've mentioned this from the start, some of the additions to the team like Santi Mina, Bakkali, Danilo while talented and possibly future stars, they are  not ready to help this team right now. These are players that need to be developed and groomed and in 5 years time to have results with them, so why did we purchase these very young players when our team already had the youngest squad last season. Why make it even younger? There is barely any experience and barely any real reinforcements to boost the squad instantly.

So we are in a situation where we literally have no real replacement for Fuego, no replacement for Parejo, no replacement for Feghouli, no replacement for Piatti and with some of the players on a bad form like Pablo Piatti who hasn't contributed anything this season, unlike last season when he was scoring goals, providing assists and having big impact in games.

2: Nuno Santo doesn't really have a different style than counter attacking football. Last season it was counter attacking football most of the time and like or hate that style it worked, the team wasn't built to dominate games, the players were new and starting over and that style worked perfectly, allowing for the players to win games on their own individual talents.

This season though with some of the players misfiring a bit and having bad form and we see how hard it is to score goals, especially from open play. So I'm thinking the way Valencia CF goes back to winning ways is to start playing counter attacking football once again. Just sit deep in their own half, defend and when an opportunity presents itself do quick counter attacks and try and score from those.

3: The big money reinforcements at Valencia CF have been big disappointments. I'm talking about Alvaro Negredo, I'm talking about Rodrigo Moreno, I'm talking about Enzo Perez, all these expensive signatures have been big disappointments. I wouldn't call them failures, they've contributed their fair share and have had good games, but overall their contributions are not at the level of their price tag, meaning we overpaid for them by a significant margin.

Alvargo Negredo is not worth more than 10 million euros on his play from this and last season, Rodrigo Moreno is not worth the 35 million euros, again maybe 12 million worth for him, a bit more than Negredo as a potential future star and Enzo Perez somewhere in the region of 15 million, possibly even less.