Friday, August 14, 2015

Various News

So not much is going on, the transfer window has pretty much finished for Valencia CF, with at best one more name coming in, with Valencia CF doing its transfer shopping early on in the summer.

Some speculations say that Valencia CF are interested in Ezequiel Lavezzi and are planning on bringing him in as a sort of last minute big reinforcement, but I don't think its likely, due to the fact Valencia CF spent over 120 million euros this summer, on the players we brought back last year, plus the new additions this summer.

Another name that is mentioned in Nicolas Gaitan, this player has been mentioned since last summer and was a big target on Valencia CF last summer, but he is not this summer and again wild speculation with no substance.

Speculation continues going around for Nicolas Otamendi, with Manchester United and now Manchester City supposedly still interesting in acquiring his services and willing to pay the 50 million buyout clause. Again wild speculation with no substance, while Manchester United could pay the buyout clause, its going to bring them into a huge deficit, this is why they haven't acquired Nicolas Otamendi, they want him for a reduced price, they don't want to pay the 50 million euro clause.

They are also linked with Pedro from Barcelona, they are linked with Nicolas Gaitan, they are linked with Muller, etc... There is no player Manchester United aren't linked with, so clearly a lot of hot air blown without any shred of evidence.

Manchester City are in the same situation this summer, but worse overall. They are hundreds of millions in deficit, they can't just keep on spending huge amounts of money, since they would risk not playing in the champions league next season.

Is Nicolas Otamendi safe, would he continue in Valencia CF absolutely? That is not certain, but chances are 95% and more that he would continue here, since again 50 million buyout clause especially for a defender is huge.

Another transfer rumor is that Sofiane Feghouli would be sold, in fact few reports suggested that he's had few offers for him, including some from England and one offer from Turkey. This is true, Sofiane Fegholu only has 1 year left on his contract and the deal for the new contract has come to a crawl, with neither side backing off of their positions, so its only natural clubs would inquire about his services and possibly even send solid offers to Valencia CF in a bid to lure the club into selling.

Right now if he does go, it would be completely possible for Valencia CF to bring in another player till the end of the transfer market, but as of right now I don't think Valencia CF want to sell him and I think the club and coach would like to keep him.