Saturday, August 15, 2015


Am I the only one who is fed up at how this Otamendi farce is carrying on.  I was going to entitle this  piece  'Message to the General'  but he cannot be a general any more because a general would not be talking about deserting his troops on the eve of a very important battle.

Please Nuno show some mettle.  If I was the manager I would speak to him quietly and ask him if he really is intending to leave if the right offer is made.  If his answer is yes, which we assume it would be,  then I would say to him  'Thanks for all you have done for the club but now just GO HOME',   I would keep him away from the other players and the club until the end of August and if he hasn't been sold I would invite him back into the squad for him to fight his way back into the team.

It is not fair to the other players, the club and the supporters for this farce to be continuing a few days before our big game at home to Monaco.  The team need to be focused and the players need to know what the lineup will be.  Nobody is bigger than the club.  Last year we had the same with Mathieu and the previous year with Bernat.  They both went but surprise surprise Valencia is still here and thriving.

Otamendi has already said he didn't want to play in the game against the Mestalla B in case he got injured. apparently, I can see his point but we only want players who are going to give their all for the club, win or lose. So my message to you Otamendi is you are either with us 100% and are staying for the season or you can FOXTROT OSCAR.