Friday, August 7, 2015

Champions League Opponents Anounced

A.S. MONACO,  It was announced today will be our first opponents in the Champions League.
The first game will be played at the Mestalla on Wednesday 19th August with the return being played at The Stade Louis 11 the following Tuesday 25th August.
This is probably the toughest draw we could have had but this is the big time now and we are in with the big boys so let's not complain about a tough draw.
These promise to be 2 really exciting games and definitely something to look forward to and to test ourselves with the best of the best.
They have won the French League title 7 times in their history and were losing finalists in the 1992 EUFA Cup Winners Cup and Champions League in 2004.  They have already played C.L. games this season beating Young Boys of Bern,  Switzerland 7.1 over two games so are obviously playing well at the moment.

Footnote,   Just a few words of condolences to Phil and Gary Neville after the death of their father in Australia today after a heart attack.  He was there to see his daughter who is the manager of the England netball team. It puts everything else into perspective when something so sad like that happens. I am sure our best wishes are with them and the rest of their family.