Monday, July 13, 2015

Valencia CF loses Audi cup

Hey guys, really sorry for the lack of news, was on a bit of a vacation in a manner of speaking, but I'm going to start picking things up from tomorrow.

I'm going to update the preseason schedule, I'm going to move the last season results to the archive, I'm going to move all of the last season stats to archive and I'm going to post the new preseason schedule, I'm going to update the transfer page and I'll try and divide my time to posting news and working on the players pages to bring in at least 10 new player pages, that is the goal, I hope I can achieve it.

I'm thinking of maybe doing a podcast of sorts with the guys at the blog, talking about the preseason, talking about things, I'll have to see if they want to do it and if we can get agree and get a proper time where we can all do it, I'm kind of excited to do some podcasts.

Hopefully we can get a once a week podcast going to make thing interesting, I'd love to be able to talk about VCF, I've been unable to write my thought and stuff, so I'd like to express some of them.

Anyways VCF lost the Audi cup final to Werder Bremen, we played 2 matched, we won in 45 minutes against Southampton FC and lost on penalties after a 0-0 results at 45 minutes half with Werder Bremen. The second match was mostly played by youngsters so no big deal, but we seem to be having a decent preseason.

The next preseason match is against Bayern Munich and I'll be bringing in fill coverage of it if there are live streams of it online.

So again I'll start updating things on the blog from tomorrow and bringing you the daily news, so please check in daily from tomorrow on, I'll have many of the news and speculations!