Saturday, June 6, 2015

Valencia CF transfer news

I haven't written for a long time, but I'm free from now on and will be writing news and stuff every day, I'll try to post few times a day as well, with wild speculations and everything, since I know there is interest for that and it opens up discussions.

So I had a poll posted two weeks ago "Who is the best player this season?" and with over 300 votes the undisputed winner with 55% of the votes is Nicolas Otamendi, second place Diego Alves with 18% percent of the votes and the other votes scattered around between the rest of the players on the list.

Good news is that Manchester United have backed off of Nicolas Otamendi and this is something I knew would happen, they spend over 200 million last summer and recuperated 50 million in sales back, so 150 millions expenditure and they can't throw that kind of cash around once again, especially since they are going to hit up with FFP rules.

So no matter how much Otamendi possibly wanted to leave if a club doesn't want to dish out 50 million euros they can't have him and he has a long contract with Valencia CF, its not like he can refuse to play or anything and force a way out, he has 4 more years left and is tied up to Valencia CF.

I also don't think he was too keen on leaving, especially since the only good teams with money to spear and wanting a CD were Manchester United, maybe Liverpool, but Liverpool are not better than Valencia CF.

In other news Fede Cartabia is going to return to Valencia CF, he played for the now demoted Cordoba and he had a solid season in my opinion, he was definitely one of their best players and their top assistor and in the top 3 goalscorers. He did have a weaker several closing weekends, but he was injured as well and no once can be 100% for a whole season.

I personally think we can use him, I think he is good enough to compete with Feghouli and instead of buying some expensive right winger that might be say 10% better than Fede, but with less potential, we can use Fede and have him grow in the club.

I know what I'm talking about, said it about Alba, said it about Bernat, said it about Gaya, said it about Paco, about Gomes, etc... I can easily spot a talent and Fede is a major talent. With proper guidance and development and decent playing time in Valencia CF he can become really great player. We really need to keep him, he is a major talent, as big as Paco.

On the transfer speculations we are reported to be close to signing Giannelli Imbula from Olympique de Marseille, according to Spanish media the player has reached a personal agreement with Valencia CF, with only negotiations with his club left to be finished.

He is said to be in the region of about 15 million euros, but recent interest for the player from several clubs like Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Wolfsburg and others might increase his asking price. The club are willing to pay up to 16 million euros for the player, but don't want to break the bank for him and are unlikely to pursue him if his price keeps on rising.