Monday, June 15, 2015

Valencia CF news

So every one of the last year arrivals through Meriton, which is Peter's Lim company, have signed officially with Valencia CF. This includes Rodrigo Moreno, Andre Gomes and additionally Joao Cancelo who came on a normal loan deal. You can go to the 'Transfers' page and see all of the transfers that happened this season.

To recap it quickly, Felipe Augusto loan deal ended and Valencia CF decided not to purchase him, instead the club bought Rodrigo Caio a defensive midfielder from Sao Paulo.

Federico Cartabia and Robert Ibanez returned from their loan deals, while Andres Guardado was sold to PSV Endhoven after he had a very successful season with them, but was already written out by Valencia CF.

Victor Ruiz is back from loan, but Villarreal are interested in acquiring him, with reports suggesting an offer in the region of 2 million euros being sent to Valencia CF. Valencia CF is looking to sell him, but they want a higher fee for him and are still searching for additional clubs that may want him.

Alvaro Negredo also needs to be purchased per the agreement with Manchester City and expect the official announcement to come soon, no big deal here, everyone knows from last year what the terms of the deal were. So its just a matter of time that this is made public.