Friday, June 12, 2015

Transfer Market Update: Andre signs, Imbulla soon

Andre Gomes has now signed his contract making him a full-fledged Valencia CF. After a great season where he showed a lot of promise, it was no surprise that Valencia CF capitalized on the purchase option for 15 million euros. The deal sees Gomes stay at the club till 2020 with a release clause of a whopping 150 million euros. Benfica will get 25% of any future sale of the player. We discussed this before on the blog and many of you have been a bit hesitant on giving Gomes such a massive release clause mainly due to the pressure and expectation in would put on him. I'm curious to see what you guys/gals think now that the season is done. Still too much? Or deserved?

In other news, Gian Imbulla seems to be the chosen midfielder for Valencia CF. A lot of reports from reliable and non-reliable sources alike say the 22 year old French midfielder will be here very soon. Some say he's already landed in the city of Valencia. His father has already came out and said his son wants this move to Valencia CF. The monetary amount is rumoured to be around 15-20 million euros and it would be a five year deal. If this move happens, it would mean that Valencia CF would have convinced Imbulla more than Spurs and Atletico Madrid who were also vying for his signature. This would also means that Nuno can scratch off "midfielder" as one of the 4-5 positions he wanted to reinforce this summer. Can we get some thoughts on Imbulla? What do you guys think of him? Is it the profile of player Valencia CF needs?