Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nuno asked for 4 to 5 reinforcements

Few days ago the whole Valencia CF top staff had a meeting in which it was discussed upcoming reinforcements for the new season and the future of some of the players who were on load this season.

As expected the number one priority for the team is getting a goalkeeper that is experienced and capable, but that would not be a long term investment. The important thing is the new goalkeeper to be relatively cheap or possibly even a loan deal.

The second priority is a defensive midfielder that is going to compete with Javi Fuego. The coach is satisfied with Javi Fuego, but thinks having a direct competition would improve him and have more options to chose from. This is a field that the club could invest heavily in and spend up to 20 million euros to bring in a quality player.

With Andre Gomes also being injured for another 3 months, this position is seen as crucial for the upcoming season.

Another addition Nuno asked is for a versatile winger who can play at both wings, but is primarily for the right wing as he wasn't completely convinced by Feghouli or De Paul. Since De Paul is also more of a left winger and we already have Pablo Piatti who really impressed last season, that wing is not as crucial.

Important thing here would be if Fede impresses the coach and gets in the squad for the next season or if he is going to be loaned out again and a new right winger bought to compete with Feghouli.

Another reinforcement he would like to see is a new central defender, in addition to the three he already has available. He's made it clear that he would like 4 central defenders in order to be able to compete on 3 fronts next season and be able to get results. In the case that Nicolas Otamendi leaving, then the club would go after 2 central defenders.

Victor Ruiz who was on loan at Villarreal was deemed surplus to requirements at Valencia CF and the club would look to sell him to Villarreal who have shown interest trying to buy him, but are only willing to pay 1.5 million euros seeing as Ruiz contract with Valencia CF expires next year.

Finally the club is looking at another striker, the coach is not impressed with Negredo's performance and he is also not fully convinced by Paco either and he is looking for a new striker that is going to be able to score 20+ goals per season. He would also like the option to play more with 2 strikers and rotate players more between the Champions league and Spanish cup.