Saturday, June 20, 2015

Nicolas Otamendi reaffirms his intention of leaving

Nicolas Otamendi reaffirmed his intentions of leaving Valencia CF by stating that everything his agent has said and done has been on his accordance and with his approval.

He was asked about Valencia CF and his agent comments while he is with Argentina and was featured in a media conference and he basically said that all of his agents comments are true and that he gave his blessing to it and reaffirmed his position that he wants to leave!

I don't know where he wants to leave to, since Manchester United are the only serious party that has tried and is trying to get him, but unless they are willing to dish out 50 million to reach his buyout clause and they are not, they won't be able to get him!

Maybe if they offer really close to 50 million, something like 45 million Valencia CF can agree to sell him, since we as a club don't want any player that isn't 100% Valencianista, that isn't appreciative of the club, we get rid of those players and in most cases they fail miserably because their move was motivated by money!

So Valencia CF could get rid of him if Manchester United offered very close to 50 million, I'm thinking 45 million or even more, or maybe Juan Mata or Ander Herrera plus additional 25 million euros.