Sunday, May 31, 2015

So What's Happening........ ?

Where are you Senor Van Gaal ?

The latest saga with Otamendi seems to be at a bit of a stalemate.
The problem for the player is that he seems to have not put in an official request for a transfer as is required. He knows that if he does then he will miss out on a massive payout as part of his transfer fee.
The club have made two stipulations.  1.  He makes this formal request for a transfer.  2.  Whoever wants him has to pay the buy-out clause of 50 mill. euros.  Manchester United seem, at this point unwilling to pay the full amount.  They also have made it clear they want to get their new signings early to prevent the situation that David Moyes was in when he left it all too late to bring in new players.  Otamendi is in a difficult situation because if he asks, formally for a transfer and Man Utd refuse to pay what is demanded, he could be left on the shelf somewhat and the has to return to Valencia with all the supporters knowing he asked to be released. Where would that leave him after being in all of our hearts this last season. If Man Utd decide to give up on him and sign Hummels who, it is rumoured may be willing to go, it may be that we will keep him.  Unless of course our club see that a big fee for him would assist us in purchasing other players that we need and we might just drop his fee a little to tempt them, after all, do we want a player here who's heart is not in the club.

Hector Moreno  A possible replacement for Otamendi has been mentioned as the  Mexican international,  Hector Moreno who plays at Espanol.  I am not sure that he is anywhere near the same class as Otamendi and I think we could do a lot better than that if the worst happens and he does go.


Jaume Domenech  Perhaps a bit surprising, the news coming out is that Jaume  from Mestalla B is to be loaned out.  I would have thought that he would be sitting on the bench this season but he obviously hasn't impressed as much as I thought he would.  Does that mean that Yoel will be kept on as backup to our new keeper. I think we could do worse.

Keylor Navas.  I think he would be my favourite to come in if a deal could be made with whoever takes over Real Madrid.  Rafael Benitez looks to be the number one choice at the moment so I guess we will have to wait and see if he is prepared to release him or if he sees him as number one for Real Madrid. and with the recovery time now of Alves estimated at 6 to 8 months. we have to make a big signing.

Kiko Casilla  has also been mentioned from Espanol.  At 20 million it is a bit of a hefty price to pay and it may seem too much to pay. The problem is Real Madrid are entitled to half what Espanol get for him and therefore it seems unlikely they will part with him,

Other rumours of players who may be on the radar are  Jackson Martinez, Chicarito, and Falcao.  But aren't these players always in the news as possible Valencia signings. I think very unlikely we will see them play at the Mestalla.