Saturday, May 23, 2015

Diego Alves out for 6 months

With the joy of the making the playoffs for the Champions League, we also have a bit of bad news as Diego Alves' injury was a serious one. Reports say he will be out for as long as 6 months. This means that he will miss most if not all of the first half of next season. This is a big loss since he's been one of our top performers this season and we said time and time again that he's saved the team countless times. He also has some of the top statistics in La Liga and broke some records this year for penalty saves and number of minutes without conceding. Of course, this injury means that his well-deserved call-up to the Brazil National Team to particpate in this year's Copa America can't be fulfilled.

What this means now is that one of our transfer targets for next season will most definetly be a goalkeeper and a good one at that. Yoel hasn't really proven himself and Jaume, although promising, is too inexperienced to be given a a chance. Even if Yoel steps up and suddenly proves to be a top goalkeeper, we still need a third goalkeeper to have a complete squad.

We wish Alves the best of luck in his road to recovery. We also wish Andre Gomes luck on his 3 month recovery period for his injury.

Animo Alves! Animo Gomes! Amunt Valencia!