Saturday, May 23, 2015

Almeria vs Valencia CF Match Preview

Tonight is going to be the last match of the season and Valencia CF needs to beat UD Almeria to secure a champions league spot. The team has added pressure this time around as they failed to secure the 4th spot last week, which not only would have guaranteed the 4th spot, but it would have made it possible to achieve 3rd place as well.

Now now though its possible to get 3rd place if Atletico Madrid loses and Valencia CF wins, then due to having same points, but better head to head Valencia CF would take over the 3rd spot from Atletico Madrid.

The bigger issue here is that 4th place is not secured. Valencia CF could get 4th place even with a draw, but Sevilla would have to draw as well. In fact if Sevilla loses then Valencia CF can lose too and still maintain 4th place. So suffice to say the future, the destiny is in Valencia's hands.

The team is playing away from home, something that has been problematic for the team as winning away from home has been very difficult. Good thing is that Sevilla is also playing away from home and they are facing Malaga who are a very strong team.

I had hoped that Sevilla would fizzle out as the season gets into the latter stages, since they are playing in the Europe league as well, so I thought more tired legs and more focus there would hurt them, but it turned out that their squad has depth and rose to the occasion. Hopefully Valencia CF would rise to the occasion tonight as well and win this match as the team has only had the league to focus on and has had full 6 days of training every week for over 4 months now.

All but the injured Gomes are available for selection and Nuno has even included the midfielder Tropi from the B team.

Since the premise is on a win tonight and Gomes is injured, Nuno might start with two attackers this time around and hope to score some early goals.

Technical Details Valencia CF (probable setups):
Formation: 4-3-3
Line-up: Diego; Barragan, Mustafi, Otamendi, Gaya; Fuego, Enzo, Parejo; Paco, Negredo, Piatti.
Tactics: High defensive line, own half pressure, mixed passing, counter attacks.