Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gaya rejects Valencia's first contract renewal offer

Spanish media are reporting that Jose Luis Gaya agents have rejected the initial offer from Valencia CF to extend Gaya's contract. Right now Gaya's contract is set till 2018, but has a very low release clause of 18 million euros, due to his great performances this season and low release clause major teams across Europe have been following the situation and are ready to step in and acquire Gaya from Valencia CF.

Real Madrid are one of the biggest admirers of the player and see him as the perfect replacement for Marcelo who isn't getting any younger and has had more and more injury problems, while Coentrao is out of favors with the current coach.

While it is not surprising to have the initial contract offer rejected, these things take a lot of time and several iterations of the contract it is worrying due to the fact that Real Madrid and other clubs are interested in acquiring Jose Luis Gaya and they have the money and prestige to lure him in.

As I've reported few times already Real Madrid are not going to reach the release clause unless they have to, the two clubs have very good working relationship and Real Madrid won't want to undo that, but if other clubs like Arsenal, Manchester City, etc... increase their interest they might be forced to react fast and swift.

Hopefully the negotiations result in agreement between the parties, Gaya himself has said that he would like to continue at Valencia CF, I think he enjoys a really beneficial position at Valencia CF, he has the support of all of the fans, the staff, he's had a system that fits him, in bigger teams he is not going to have the same luxury and he won't be given time to develop further, so he should understand and I think he does that moving even to a "big" club is not necessarily better.