Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valencia CF vs Getafe CF Match Report

Valencia CF secured yet another important victory in the fight for Champions League football against a well organized and tough to crack Getafe side. Valencia CF now is just 3 points behind Atletico Madrid who lost two to zero to Celta, their thin squad possibly catching up to them.

Valencia CF were lucky in the end to get to this 1-0 victory, since Getafe were a tough side to crack and if it wasn't for Negredo's penalty it might have ended in a scoreless draw.

The first half started explosive with Valencia CF instantly gaining control, with Otamendi running forward to the oppositions third, passing the ball to Gaya who runs into the penalty area and passes the ball to Negredo, but his shot is blocked.

Valencia CF would continue the pressure and attacking, with just few moments later Gaya running down the left flank again and passing the ball to Enzo Perez who's pass towards the center of the penalty area is blocked.

Valencia CF would threaten later on again this time Piatti dribbling around two Getafe players and then passing the ball to Rodrigo De Paul who was unmarked, but his long range shot was just wide, maybe if he passed or went forward it could have opened a more dangerous situation, but as it was it was a wasted shot.

I got to say it was by far the most dynamic Valencia CF I've seen in quite a while, it was pressure all over the pitch, good control of the ball, dangerous runs on the left flank, quickly swarming Getafe players and winning the ball, it was an explosive 15 minutes opening from Valencia CF. Of course after those initial 15 minutes the game calmed down as the players started tiring and it was a slower flow of the match.

The rest of the first half was pretty much fight in the middle of the park with Valencia CF being more dangerous when attacking and having more attacks, though nothing concrete or clear cut.

The second half was pretty much a copy of the first half, the team started good again and had few runs down the left flank, but again nothing too dangerous. Valencia CF coach Nuno Santo would make the first substitution in the 60th minute bringing in Sofiane Feghouli for De Paul who had a limited contribution, the left flank with Piatti and Gaya was definitely much more dangerous.

Feghouli didn't bring too much change, some more brute force, trying more penetrative runs, but he also lost the ball a lot more times.

Anyways the goal for Valencia CF would come from a penalty, Feghouli made an erroneous pass with the ball hitting a Getafe player, but it kind of went flying in the penalty area towards Negredo, he positioned himself in front of Getafe defender who hit him from behind trying to get the ball and a penalty was awarded.

Negredo took the penalty and slotted securely in the net to make it 1-0 for Valencia CF.

The biggest change for Valencia CF would be when Rodrigo Moreno came in, he instantly had a big effect and found himself in several chances, the first one was when Feghouli dribbled past a player from the right wing, went into the penalty area, brought another defender on to him and then passed to Moreno who was clear on goal and only about several meters away from goal, but his shot was way too powerful and went way above the goal.

Later on Moreno would heave another chance, this time from a cross from the left and he headed the ball just above the goal again.

All of those misses were almost punished by Getafe in the dying moments of the match as they had a clear cut chance to score, their attack started from the left wing, there was a cross towards one of their players who was alone on goal just one meters away from goal and the goal was empty, but thankfully for Valencia CF he managed to miss. Truth be told the ball was moving very fast and powerful, so it would have been really hard to convert it to go into the goal.

Ultimately Valencia CF won, the team had several chances to score more goals, but it needed a penalty to be able to score a goal and some of the misses almost came back to hunt us, thankfully Getafe players didn't have their scoring shoes on either, and Valencia CF walks away with 3 more points in the bag.

Technical Details:
Valencia CF: Diego Alves, Barragan, Mustafi, Otamendi, Gayà, Javi Fuego, Enzo Pérez, Parejo (Rodrigo, m.72), De Paul (Feghouli, M.60), Piatti and Negredo (Orban, m.90).
Getafe CF: Jona, Alexis, Naldo, Velázquez (Vigaray, m.69), Roberto Lago (Escudero, m.55), Juan Rodriguez, Lacen, Sarabia, Sammir (Freddy, m.67), Diego Castro and Alvaro.

Alvaro Negredo 1-0(p.g.), 71 min.

Player Ratings:
Diego Alves 6 - Pretty much a spectator for most of the match, I don't think he had to make a save.
Barragan 6 - Didn't have too much to worry at the back, this allowed him to move forward a lot, but with limited success.
Mustafi 6.5 - Did his job well, wasn't troubled too much, though had a few dangerous moments at the back.
Otamendi 6.5 - Same as Mustafi, did his job at the back well and wasn't troubled too much.
Gaya 8 - Constant threat down the left flank, with Getafe's attacks limited he was able to attack as much as he liked and did form a great partnership with Piatti.
Fuego 6 - Was anonymous for most of the match, though he did break down some of the Getafe attacks and provided accurate simple passes.
Parejo 7 - Very good performance by the captain, kept possession and provided intelligent and accurate passes most of the time, leading the team from the back and into attack.
Enzo Perez 6.5 - Improved performance over his last few games, he'd be pleased with his progress, though he will need to do a lot more to justify his high price tag.
De Paul 6 - Did pose a danger once or twice, he had two long range shots, but didn't have the same penetration and contribution as Piatti.
Negredo 7 - Was pretty active in this match and as the sole attacker did a lot of work upfront, though he didn't have any clear cut chances. Positioned well to get the penalty from which he easily converted to give Valencia CF the lead.
Piatti 8 - Great play by Piatti, was menacing for the Getafe defense and with Gaya's overlapping runs on the left they did great work, with most of VCF attacks coming from them.
Feghouli 6 - More direct running, had one good pass to Moreno, but overall similar contribution to De Paul.
Moreno 6.5 - Had a big impact on the game once he came on, provided a big threat against Getafe and found himself in good positions time and time again, unfortunate not to score, if he would have scored he could have easily been man of the match.
Orban N/A - Not enough time.