Friday, February 27, 2015

Red Bull to sponsor Valencia CF?

Will Red Bull sponsor Valencia CF?
Red Bull officials have met with Valencia CF officials and held talks about some sort of partnership. Red Bull sponsor a ton of sports teams, athletes and competitions, they actually have a Formula 1 team, though they haven't been too involved in football, but in the past few years they've been making strides to get involved more in football. Obviously they are not doing this from the goodness of their hearth, they get advertisement, brand recognition, improve their image.

Red Bull and Valencia CF officials talked about partnership and finding mutual language and spheres where they can work together, right now its all in the open and its not clear what type of involvement they want, for example even though Valencia CF doesn't currently have a shirt sponsor they have sponsors, its just that these are smaller sponsorships and they use advertisement in the stadium and in the press conferences.

So the question is does Red Bull plan to become a shirt sponsor which means they will need to spend a lot of money, likely in the region of about 4 million or are they looking for some smaller involvement.