Saturday, January 10, 2015

Valencia CF acts to shield Andre Gomes

Andre Gomes has surprised just about everyone ever since his arrival to Valencia CF. A great talent, young and passionate for the club and the sport. He arrived with Rodrigo from Benfica thanks to Peter Lim but has been the bigger contributor of the two. That is not to say that Rodrigo hasn't done anything at all or that Andre Gomes doesn't have a lot to improve on. Quite the contrary, he is good and has the potential to be one of the best.

His current release clause is currently set at 50 million euros which is already more than most players at the club. It is now being discussed what the details of his full deal contract would be. On top of securing his services till 2019, Valencia CF have also moved to shield Gomes  This move comes about after big clubs, particularly in the EPL(both Manchesters and Chelsea),  started being too interested in signing him. In fact, thier scouts have become regulars at the Mestalla. The new contract would take care of that, as it will take his buyout clause from 50 million to...150 million euros! That's right, the contract would triple his buyout clause and make even the richest of clubs think a lot more than twice before trying anything.

That being said there is a few more contracts that need to be worked out, particularly Gaya and Alcacer. These contracts have relatively low release clauses and both players have garned way too much interest from other clubs due to their performances.