Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Paco Alcacer extends Valencia CF contract to 2020

Its official, Paco Alcacer has extended his contract with Valencia CF to 2020. The new contract is a much improved one, with significantly higher salary and bonuses for the player, as well as a huge buy-out clause set at 80 million euros if other clubs want to acquire the player in the future.

Speaking to official club channel VCFplay after the agreement, Alcácer said: “I am delighted and proud to be continuing at Valencia CF for five more seasons. I want to thank the club for the confidence in me that they are showing. What I have to do now is pay them back by scoring goals and giving everything that I have to help the team.”

Some good news there and next up is Jose Gaya's contract, which the club is still negotiating for and trying to find the balance. Of course Valencia CF can't break the bank and offer huge salaries, the players will have to accept good, but not huge salaries if they really want to stay in Valencia CF and maybe through bonuses like scoring goals or keeping clean sheets or qualifying to champions league they will get a big chunk more money.