Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jose Luis Gaya to join Real Madrid?

Reports from Spain are indicating that Real Madrid are stepping up their interest in Valencia's talented young left back Jose Luis Gaya. I've already reported on this interest over a month ago and it was before the winter transfer market as well, so Valencia CF had time to extend the contract with him before the winter transfer market and before any bigger interest in him.

Real Madrid interested in Jose Gaya This is the article I wrote over a month ago and now it seems like Real Madrid are really using all their power to try and get Jose Gaya in their ranks. This is not going to happen in the winter transfer, from my sources this is a summer move for Real Madrid. As I've written before they are trying to find a long term replacement for Marcelo and with Fabio Coentrao out of favor with Carlo Anceloti and having barely played any games in the past 2 seasons, Real Madrid are going to offload Coentrao in the summer and move in for a long term replacement for Marcelo and they've identified Jose Gaya as their primary target.

Valencia CF now has to work really hard and really smart to avoid a disaster and I would consider losing Gaya a disaster of gigantic proportions. He is one of the best left backs in the world already and I've been following Valencia CF and football for over 15 years, I can spot a talent when I see one and Gaya is one of the biggest talents I've ever seen.

Valencia CF has to now mover really quick and really smart and offer him a better deal than the one they are offering him now. With Real Madrid interest skyrocketing, the plain-field has changed. Now they need to look at Jose Luis Gaya and offer him contract as if he was 3 years in the future and a key player for Valencia CF playing in the champions league. You can't offer him the standard contract offer now, yes Valencia CF can't be offering big salaries yet, the financials are really difficult especially since Peter Lim wants the team to be solvent and operating with small profits. But they can offer him good solid bonuses. Give him a clause for champions league football at 250k euros, give him a clause at clean sheets with a bonus of 20k euros, etc...

Performance based bonuses that can improve his salary that he can achieve with good plays.