Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fredy Guarin on Valencia CF radar again?

Some Italian websites are claiming that Valencia CF are still interested in Fredy Guarin and are looking into the possibility of signing the player.

I would usually dismiss this type of news as baseless rumor, but in this case it might be truthful, since we know Felipe Augusto hasn't impressed the coach at all and Zuculini hasn't featured at all as well, so its not out of the realm of possibility that Valencia CF are looking at acquiring Fredy Guarin services.

Also we know that Valencia CF are still in the transfer market, Nuno has confirmed this himself, so one of the possible additional signings could very well be Fredy Guarin. Sevilla FC are supposedly also interested in the player according to the same sources, though I doubt if there is any truth to that since they are pretty much broke and would not be able to afford any player that costs more than 6-7 million euros.

The asking price by Inter Milan for him is supposedly about 10-11 million euros, an amount Valencia CF would have no problems in paying if the club really wanted to acquire Fredy Guarin.

What do you think, is Valencia CF going after Fredy Guarin and does the team even need a player like him?