Friday, December 5, 2014

Rayo Vallecano 1-2 Valencia CF Match Report

Well, my prediction that Valencia CF is going to win by two goals came true, but it was anything but a comfortable win. Valencia CF struggled quite a bit to get this win and the goals were rather lucky to an extent, in that Rayo goalkeeper made a huge blunder for the first goal which Paco didn't mind too much of course and easily slotted it in the net. The second goal was again from a silly mistake in the midfield which gave the ball away and De Paul running wide down the right and scoring the second goal.

Overall I'd say quite poor performance from Valencia CF and Nuno will have a tough job to improve upon this performance. Rayo Vallecano were the more dangerous side overall and they controlled the ball in the midfield, with Valencia CF having the occasional counter attacks, but unfortunately these weren't very dangerous and were dealt relatively nicely by the Rayo defense.

Nuno decided to make several changes to the squad, with Yoel starting on goal for the second time this season, after having a miserable debut in which he coincided 3 goals, Cancelo started again on the right back position, the nod was given to Felipe Augusto over Zuculini again in midfield with Carles Gil surprisingly placed in an attacking midfield position which didn't pay off at all. He was cut off completely and barely touched the ball all game long. De Paul started on the right and similar story as Gil, he was invisible for most of the match, until the very late where he actually did went forward two or three times and actually scored the goal.

The goal that Rayo scored come from a mistake by Orban, they had a corner I believe and the ball came towards him, but instead of shooting forward he kind of pushed the ball forward to Alex Moreno who had easy time scoring from just 1 meter away from goal or less.

Technical details:
Rayo Vallecano: Cobeño; Tito, Zé Castro (Amaya, m.46), Morcillo, Nacho; Raúl Baena, Jozabed; Licá (Embarba, m.67), Pozuelo (Jonathan Pereira, m.76), Alex Moreno; Manucho.
Valencia: Yoel, Cancelo, Otamendi, Mustafi, Orban; Filipe Augusto, Javi Fuego, De Paul (Roberto, m.87); Carles Gil (Andrés Gomes, m.77), Alcacer (Negredo, m.81), Piatti.

Alex Moreno 1-0, 37 min.
Paco Alcacer 1-1, 71 min.
De Paul 1-2, 86 min.

Player Ratings:
Yoel 6 - Couldn't do anything for the first goal, had one good save, had to collect few balls from corners and free kicks, but overall didn't have too much direct shots to deal with.
Cancelo 5.5 - I'd say decent performance at the back, not too secure, but not weak either. He didn't venture forward at all.
Mustafi 7 - Once again the main defender, he was solid throughout and had good interceptions and tackles.
Otamendi 6.5 - Had one or two mistakes, but also had some good blocks and tackles. I feel like he needs a rest to get back in full form though, he's started every match so far. Give him a rest.
Orban 4.5 - At fault for the first goal, was otherwise good defensively, but didn't offer anything going forward.
Fuego 5 - Gave good defensive cover and kept his passes simple and precise, but contributes way too little in midfield or attack. Against weaker sides he needs to have much bigger contribution. Its not okay to purely defend.
Felipe 5.5 - Ran a lot and tried to get the ball often, but unfortunately usually lost the ball pretty easily and couldn't move the team forward.
Gil 4 - Played in an attacking midfield position and I guess he was supposed to overlap with De Paul, but it was just a fail there and on the right flank.
De Paul 5 - Scored the winning goal, but before that he was nowhere to be seen. He had one touch in the first half, minor improvement in the second.
Piatti 6 - Was more dangerous on the left flank than his buddies on the other, but that doesn't say much. Tried to play few crosses and had some forward runs, but nothing too substantial.
Paco 6 - Scored a goal so basically his job is done, but could have dropped back a bit more and tried to fight for the ball rather than just wait for someone to deliver him the perfect ball.
Gomes N/A
Negredo N/A
Robert N/A