Saturday, December 20, 2014

Valencia CF latest transfer news

Well at last Joao Pereira has found himself another club, which is great for him as he will be returning to Portugal to join Porto.  I think that is what he was holding out for if he couldn't get back into the Valencia team.  A good move for him and Valencia as it must have been really difficult for everybody when he was around and training but not really part of the future.  I am sure we will all wish him the best of luck for the future, as a player who never gave anything less than 100% in every game for us.

The Enzo Perez saga seems to be nearing an end at last with the reported 25 million euro move plus add ons I guess if we make it into the Champions League or appearances. Final arrangements are being made but signs are that he will be with us soon.

News in some crappy English newspapers of Man Utd making a bid for Otamendi for 40 million pounds if they cannot get Mats Hummels from Borussia Dortmund.  I don't think we should give much credibility to these stories that they bring out to sell a few more of their rubbish newspapers.

What about Zuculini,  is he going back to Man City or staying ?  Surely if  they are not willing to sell at the end of the season, do we really want to keep him ?

Brazilian Matheus Dorias 20yrs. of Marseille also in the news as coming to Valencia as a back up or replacement for Javi Fuego.  The problem is he is not rated highly for his passing, strength in the air or tackling so should be quite a catch for us. Seville are also interested so maybe he should go there instead..