Monday, December 8, 2014

Granada 1-1 Valencia CF Match Report

Another bad result for Valencia CF in the league, this time a draw against Granada who were 16th on the table before this match. The unfortunate thing i that Sevilla won their match and are now breaking away from Valencia CF on points.

The big flop today was Paco who got himself sent off for a straight red card after coming on as a substitute.

Overall I got to say that the team played bad once again and never had a chance on goal until basically when Negredo scored the goal. Valencia used to score like 3 goals every match, but for the past several matches its been low number of goals, mostly coming from scraps. Its either using a mistake or lucky dead ball goal and things of that nature.

I think the big problem is the midfield, we just don't have enough forward movement, poor build-up and things of that nature prevent the team from having more chances. In the past Gaya and Barragan did a lot on the wings, really posing a threat, but you can't rely your full backs to give such a threat every game.

I also think Otamendi needs a rest, he's played each match and its showing. He was pretty much perfect all of the matches, but the past few matches he's been shaky, he hasn't been up to standard. Nuno has got to identify this problem and give him a rest. Play Orban in CD if you have to, let Otamendi take a break and recover his energy.

I also think he's been changing our attack too much, with Paco playing, then not playing, Feghouli playing, then Piatti playing, then Rodrigo not playing and so on... We haven't had a stable forward three for at least 5-6 matches now and its showing.

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