Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Enzo Perez likely to join Valencia CF

There are various reports in Portuguese media that Enzo Perez will become a Valencia CF player in the winter transfer window. Valencia CF have been interested in the player since the summer, but were unfortunately unable to bring him in as Benfica changed the asking price from 25 million to 30 million and thus Peter Lim dropped the pursuit.

Now that Peter Lim is officially the new owner of Valencia CF he wants to strengthen Valencia CF even more so that the club can reach its objectives this season and that is to play in the Champions League next season. So Peter Lim is ready to spend 30 million on Enzo Perez, but even more than that there are rumors that Lim wants to bring Nicolas Gaitan as well in a package deal with Benfica for 60 million euros.

Benfica is in a tough financial situation and have always kind of been a selling club, making profits through finding and developing talent and then selling them for  profits, so this deal could interest Benfica, even though they would be losing their two best players right now.

As you know Enzo Perez is a box to box midfielder, can attack and defend, while Gaitan is more of an attacking midfielder who can also play as a winger and even fake forward.

The question is are these two players worth 60 million euros and is this duo going to make Valencia CF significantly stronger in order to reach its objectives and improve even further? To me it seems like 60 million euros might a bit too much, but there is obviously going to be negotiations and Lim will try to lower the asking price, so we'll see if a deal is reached and if Valencia CF actually go for both or either one of these two players.