Friday, October 10, 2014

Joao Pereira will leave in the winter

Joao Pereira will be leaving Valencia CF in the winter transfer windows. Valencia CF coach Nuno Espirito Santo is not counting on him at all, and Joao Pereira hasn't even featured on the bench, let alone being able to play. As such he has already met with Valencia CF staff and told them he wanted to leave in the winter so that he can play regular first football and be able to fight his way back into the Portuguese national team.

Joao Pereira was put on the transfer list in the summer and he had several offers, but he didn't like any of those offers and decided to stay in Valencia CF in the hopes that he could fight for a position and possibly play. Since that has not been the case and Nuno has no interest in playing him, he will look to leave in the winter.

In fact this may mean that potentially Sevilla could swoop in for him, they have that position covered, but since Joao Pereira wants to leave, Valencia CF want to sell him and his contract ends next summer, he is likely to leave on the cheap and I'm sure former Valencia CF coach Unai Emery would be interested to bring someone like Joao Pereira to his team.

Other options for him could be Benfica who obviously sold Valencia CF Joao Cancelo and could get Joao Pereira their way, otherwise Inter Milan could possibly be interested and even Milan who seems to have many problems at the back and Joao relationship with Rami when they both played at Valencia CF could be very good at Milan.