Friday, October 31, 2014

Forum and blog news

Today I'm pleased to announce a forum to go along with this blog. If you guys/gals can go check it out and tell me your impressions there.

Its supposed to be open to guests, but I haven't tested it out, so I need feedback on it. Also the forum might not properly display for some time, its still propagating the nameservers to a new host, so just try later if you can't reach the blog or if its giving you error message. 

Also I'm looking for someone interested to manage my clubvalenciacf facebook page, I'm too strangled with updating the blog and just keeping up with the statistics is a big task, so I'll need one or maybe even two facebook page managers. Also check out the statistics page if you haven't, it has all the major stats there, updated quite regularly and all matches are updated in now.

Right now I'm using a free host for the blog, of course if it actually gets off and has good traffic and I have problems of downtime with the free host or other issue, I will get paid hosting.