Sunday, October 19, 2014

Deportivo 2-0 Valencia half-time update

Well Valencia CF is down 2-0 at half time against Deportio. Even my rather conservative match prediction said 1-1 and here we are 2-0 down.

I got to say for me Mustafi is just not good enough, I know a lot of people like him because he played like two games for 15 minutes at the world cup and technically he is a world cup winner, but he is just not good enough.

Partly at fault for the first goal and partly at fault for the second goal as well. First goal he was off in his marking and jumping and the second goal he was off on his jumping as well, allowing the opposite player to head the ball forward. Of course Yoel made a big mistake as well for the second goal as he was badly positioned and his reaction was slow.

Right now Yoel and Mustafi are both at 3 rating for me. Both are mostly to fault for the goal, Barragan has also been quite lacking in defense with 4 rating right now.

Felipe Augusto also hasn't benefited much to the team and feels like Parejo is playing alone going forward. We haven't seen any combination from the forward line and all of the attacks are breaking in that final third. There needs to be better passing and more options there.

The match could still be salvaged, but the team needs to have chances. I think at this point remove Felipe and bring in Feghouli. play 4-4-2. Fuego and Parejo central midfield, Feghouli on the right, Piatti on the left and Moreno and Paco in the center of the attack.

But yeah, I think defensively the team was weak and those goals could have been prevented with better defending and goalkeeping.