Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Valencia CF sign Alvaro Negredo

Its official, Valencia CF have signed Alvaro Negredo on a 1 year loan deal, with a purchase clause at the end of the loan deal.

The deal was brokered through just one hour before the transfer deadline and its said that Valencia CF will have to dish out between 25 and 30 million euros for the player at the end of his loan deal.

I personally think this guy is way overpriced and having played for one of our biggest rivals in Sevilla and scored so many goals against Valencia CF, I'm not excited at all for this signing, in fact I wish it didn't happen.

Yeah, he is a great player, but at 29 he isn't becoming any younger and what would this mean for Paco and Rodrigo, two very young and very promising players, at least one of which will have to sit on the bench so that Negredo can play.

So not excited at all for this signing, I think 25 or 30 million euros is way too much and at best he is worth 15 million euros.

Tell me what you think about this weird signing.