Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Getafe CF 0-3 Valencia CF Match Report

Valencia CF achieved its 3rd win of the season in 4 matches, drawing only against Sevilla in the opening match of the season, but winning all of the rest with big goal-scoring differences. Even though the play hasn't always been impeccable, the goals and results have been there and that is ultimately what matters.

Maybe I've been too critical in the past of the midfield, maybe I expect too much, regardless I want the team to play. I think right now the play might still not be top of the line, but there is no denying that we have a top level attack and so far very stable and secure backline and through which we are getting very good results.

This match was no different as Paco Alcacer shone again and scored the first goal for Valencia CF just in the 7th minute, assisted by Rodrigo Moreno. This was the jumping board for the team and instantly the better play began, Valencia CF mostly controlling the match and pace of the game and it all paid off in the 20th minute when Andre Gomes scored after a lovely one two pass with Paco Alcacer who's been in superb form this season.

This was also one of Andre Gomes better matches, though he still has a lot to improve on and especially learn how to retain the pass better, though he seems to me he functions better in a more advanced and attacking position.

The match leveled off soon after and both teams were fighting for possession, neither team winning in that department and Getafe having more shots and attacks overall, but very weak ones and all of their shots I believe coming outside of the penalty area and not being threatening at all.

The second half started and for most of it it was the same play, mostly battle in the midfield, Valencia CF creating few more dangerous chances and Getafe having shots from far ranges towards goal.

Ultimately Feghouli came in for Paco and was soon after brought down in the penalty area, with the referee pointing to the penalty spot. Rodrigo Moreno took it and scored the third goal to put this match to rest and get Valencia CF into cruise control to finish off the match. Things won't be so simple though as Rodrigo did a clumsy challenge, but hardly for a yellow card, but the referee deemed it horrible enough for a yellow, which was his second of the match and that meant automatic red card.

Anyways Valencia CF managed to sway off Getafe's attacks and in truth Getafe never really came close to scoring, most of their chances were really poor and non threatening.

Technical Details:
Getafe: Guaita; Valera (Arroyo, min. 75), Alexis, Naldo, Escudero; Sammir (Baba, min. 57), Juan Rodríguez; Hinestroza, Sarabia (Ivi, min. 60) Diego Castro; Lafita.
Valencia: Diego Alves; Barragán, Rubén Vezo, Otamendi, Gayá; Javi Fuego; Piatti (Orban, min. 85) Parejo (Augusto, min. 80), Andre Gomes; Rodrigo; Paco Alcácer (Feghouli, min. 60).

Paco Alcacer 1-0, 7 min.
Andre Gomes 2-0, 20 min.
Rodrigo Moreno 3-0, 72 min.

Player Ratings:
Diego 6.5 - Had two or three saves from long range shots, other than that he wasn't tested.
Barragan 6 - Average performance from the right back, went forward to a great extent, but unfortunately it didn't relate to much and was otherwise good in defense.
Vezo 6 - Good performance, came forward often to make a block or mark someone and was largely successful.
Otamendi 6.5 - Dealt easily with Getafe attacks, covered nicely few times for Gaya when he was forward and was generally solid overall.
Gaya 6.5 - Didn't have the kind of impact as in some of the previous matches, but was overall solid and was very involved in the play from defense, midfield to attack. Went forward to a great extent and helped Piatti a ton.
Fuego 5.5 - We've come to expect this type of standard performance from Fuego, as he pretty much sat deep at the back and defended, very rarely getting involved in midfield play.
Parejo 6 - Was better than the last few games and didn't lose the ball nearly as much, providing good outlet in the middle of the park.
Gomes 6.5 - Similar performance to Parejo's with the difference than Gomes generally operated more forward. Scored the second goal after a beautiful one two with Paco.
Moreno 7.5 - Would have been man of the match if it wasn't for his red card, even if it was very harsh. Great performance overall, assisting the first goal and then scoring the third from a penalty.
Paco 7.5 (MOTM) - Scored a great poachers goal to open the scoring for Valencia CF and then showed his vision and quick thinking by doing a lovely one-two with Gomes, assisting Gomes goal. Was a dangerous throughout the match and had a very action performance.
Piatti 6 - Wasn't a threat directly, but his pace and running always leads to being surrounded by players, which in turn makes space for the other players. Was involved in several attacks and combined well with Gaya.
Feghouli 6 - Responsible for gaining the penalty, even though some would argue it wasn't really a penalty. Overall had few runs on the right flank and was generally active and useful in his time on the pitch.
Felipe N/A - Not enough time, but slotted well for Parejo and didn't make any mistakes.
Orban N/A - Not enough time

Man of the Match: Paco Alcacer
Flop of the Match: None
Best offense: Rodrigo Moreno
Worst offense: Antonio Barragan
Best defense: Nicolas Otamendi
Worst defense: None
Best possession: Rodrigo Moreno
Worst possession: Javi Fuego