Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sevilla come back for Jonas

According to some reports in Spain, Sevilla want another player from Valencia CF after recently signing Ever Banega. Sevilla have been made shorthanded in offense with Kevin Gameiro out injured. As such, Unai Emery suggested Jonas as an alternative.

Jonas has been taking his time looking for a destination as he is insistent on playing in Europe. He has no place left in Valencia CF since he is way past his prime and his positions are occupied by upgrades to him. Plus he is carrying a valuable non-EU passport which Valencia CF wants to free up. He believes can get a few more years playing European football. Valencia CF have allowed him to search on his on for the deal he feels is best, but so far nothing. Valencia CF wanted around 2-4 million euros for his transfer. However, Sevilla want the player for free. They know Valencia CF is desperate to offload Jonas, as they were with Banega, and are looking to use the fact that the transfer market closes soon to their advantage in an attempt to pressure the move. Sunderland is also interested in the player.